Making a Difference in a Child's Life

There are many parents that say it is okay to involve corporal punishment if their child is misbehaving, but that is not teaching them anything. There are kids that get suspended and children that get detention, but that will not stop them from doing it again. If they are being well educated, then they would not be a disruption to their class and get into trouble. There are reasons why it is better to educate children instead of punishing them in the school system such as making them apart of your lesson plan and working with them one on one.

Having the Children be involved in the Lesson Plan

By punishing children whether it is using harmful words or giving them suspension, you're not teaching them the value of education and how important it is. You can make the children realize how important education is by calling on them to answer questions and by making learning fun. That is a way for them to feel important, and it will not cause the kids to act out and be disruptive.

Making a Difference in a Child's Life

A lot of times when kids are put in suspension or detention, it is teaching them that they get a break from learning. When a child disrupts your class, it usually means that they are frustrated with the way things are going for them. They may need some extra help so working with them one on one will help build their confidence, and they will get closer to understanding the material.

There is no reason why a child should be punished. Their parents can do that at home if need be. By having the children involved your lesson plan and by giving them extra tutoring, it is showing them how important it is to be educated rather than being punished for misbehaving. Schools should not enforce any type of punishment because it will not stop them from misbehaving. That is also the lazy way of not wanting to deal with your students. Be smart and drill their minds full of knowledge and you will make a difference in a child's life.

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